How It Works

How it Works

If you have never been to a “Choose & Cut” tree farm basically you walk through the trees, pick the one that speaks to you, cut it down and bring it back for us to bind.  Check in with one of us when you get here and we can show you samples of each tree variety then send you in the right direction.  We have carts, saws and gloves for you to use.  We also have helpers that can cut and/or haul the tree for you at no additional fee.

Due to the crazy times we are in, our gift shop with free hot cocoa and cookies will not be available this year. Please dress warm and be prepared to be outside the entire time you are with us.  We will still have beautiful fresh made wreaths for your front door and center pieces for inside your home.  They both make wonderful gifts also!

There is nothing worse then your tree falling over and breaking your treasured heirloom ornaments.  We can help you with that too.  We offer 2 varieties of easy to use no fail tree stands!